• Oversee all logistics of the move

  • Arrange and coordinate schedule with movers and senior move facility or new residence

  • Professionally pack up home; label box contents and assign room for new place

  • Finalize packing and all last-minute tasks the day of the move

  • Supervise movers on moving day




  • Ensure belongings remain organized and arrive safely

  • Unpack and recycle boxes

  • Assist with unpacking and putting things away

  • Set up bedroom, bathroom, kitchen essentials on day of move

  • Ensure TV and utilities are working on move day


  • Document inventory; photograph, categorize, record belongings

  • Gently guide you through a sorting process as you make key decisions by thoughtfully placing your possessions into four categories: keep, sell, donate and discard

  • Coordinate and arrange the sale of possessions, donations to consignment, charitable organizations of your choosing and dispose of recyclables and trash

  • Provide phone/email updates and pictures of on-going progress for distant family members

  • Arrange for storage, if needed



  • Work with you or your realtor to help prepare your house for sale, including senior transition assistance

  • Determine & coordinate what services you may need in order to successfully sell your home: such as painters, handymen and professional cleaners

  • Declutter. We offer a different perspective by decluttering bookshelves, pantries, cabinets, closets, removing or re arranging furniture, so your home feels refreshed



  • Measure new space and current furniture

  • Use a visual tool to determine furniture placement in new home

  • Furniture delivery wait service

  • Design new home in a way that reflects your personality

Other Services


It is a painful and difficult task to clean out a loved one’s estate.  Collaborating in person or long distance using a web-based system, we can list, photograph, categorize, value, and divide the belongings in the house.  After belongings have been designated, we can arrange and coordinate the following tasks:


  • items earmarked for sale, donation or trash

  • sub-contractors, such as painters, handymen, window cleaners, exterminators

  • stage house for market sale

  • one-time pre-sale cleaning service


As a neutral third party, we can help divorcing couples through the entire move process. Offering a fresh perspective, we can assist with:


  • inventory of belongings

  • web based inventory division

  • floor planning for both spaces

  • move services